Where’s The Justice? / On The Run


1. Where’s The Justice? (4:43)
2. On The Run (3:48)


Both songs written and recorded by Snakeskin Boozeband at Tonstudio VIPAL.
Mixed and mastered by V.O. Pulver at Little Creek Studio.
Photos and artwork by Florian Cueni Bildmaterial.

Snakeskin Boozeband about:
„Where’s The Justice?“ is more like a smooth apéritif with a herbal note that, while tasting it, develops all the facets and talents of this trio. The content-related aspect of this song is the thirst for Justice in these tragic and confusing times we live in, filled with violence and crime,
that leave us helpless and in search for answers.

„On The Run“ burns your throat like a spicy Tequila Shot and makes your blood pump faster. Inspired by Action-Movies with their high speed car chases and the mandatory shootouts and explosions, this title is the perfect dose of speed, heat and an almost intimate tension that culminates in a very satisfying ending… Sylvester Stallone would be proud.

  • Release Date : 10th August 2018

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